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About Eyes

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Ocular Anatomy

Cornea - clear window at the front of the eye

Iris - colored part of the eye that constricts with light

Lens - focuses light onto the back of the eye (on the retina).  Cataracts may form in this location.

Retina (yellow layer in model above) - rods, cones and nerve layer of the eye that converts light into an signal that is transmitted to the brain for vision

Tapetum - the upper reflective part of the retina that reflects light back through the retina ("eye-shine" at night like a deer caught in headlights).  People and some primates do not have this area of the eye.
Non-tapetum - the lower pigmented area of the retina

Choroid (pink layer in model above) - blood vessels that supply nutrients to the eye and reflective cells that give the tapetum color

Optic nerve - carries visual information to the brain